10. Slip/Tie Ventana Weights


Based on the Ventana Dropshot, the Slip/Tie Ventana provides an alternative and versatile sinker for the serious fisherman.  This sinker can be used as a slip sinker for Texas rigs, split shot, or Carolina rigs.  It can be used as a drop shot tie on sinker when fishing heavy cover. It can also be used as a weight for the new jig/jika rigs.  Did we say versatile...and paired with a rattle there is nothing like it!

Now offering the full line of Slip/Tie Ventana Weights!

1/8 - 5 Count Pack

3/16 - 5 Count Pack

1/4 - 5 Count Pack

3/8 - 5 Count Pack

1/2 - 4 Count Pack


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