About Us

The Beginning of Team Davies

As a competing father and son team, we were very fortunate to have gained early tournament success and were given the name Team Davies in an article after winning a tournament. From that day forward, we have received a large amount of recognition on tournament trails, on internet message boards, and in tournament articles for our fishing savvy and dedication to the sport.

History of the Tear Shot

The Tear Shot brand had a rather unique start as it was never intended to be a product line that was to be sold to the public. As a competing team we began to build the tear drop and slim shot products because we felt these products gave us a competitive advantage. As the tournament success grew so did the word about the products. As more and more anglers began requesting product, the Tear Shot brand was born. To this day, Team Davies focuses on bringing top quality affordable products that will give the angler a competitive advantage over their competition.