M.P.H. (Multi-Purpose Head)


The Multi-Purpose Head (M.P.H.) is a versatility jig that will serve well for your Ned rig, tube jig, and swimbait needs.  It offers an oversized ball collar that applies down pressure at the head and an extended wire keeper to securely hold soft plastics at the hook bend. Each Jig offers our “Weight on Weight” size identification, comes in a variety of popular sizes, and offered with 2/0 and 3/0 hooks to fit most soft plastics.  

All product sizes are sold in 4 jigs per pack.

  • 2/0 jig works well in mini tubes (2.5"), small Ned baits, and small fat body swimbaits (2.25" / 2.3")
  • 3/0 jig works in 3.5" tubes, larger Ned baits (3.25" and above), and popular 3.25 / 3.3 fat body swimbaits.

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