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Neko / Wacky Rigging Tool - Pliers or Kit

Neko / Wacky Rigging Tool - Pliers or Kit

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The TD Fishing rigging tools will take your Neko & and Wacky rigging to the next level.  We offer the following products to fit your needs:

NEKO / WACKY PLIERS $13.99 The stainless-steel rigging pliers are an easy and convenient way to spread worm tubes to be placed over your soft plastic of choice.  This spreading tool is easy to use and much more durable than others on the market.  

NEKO / WACKY KIT $24.99 - The rigging kit includes the top-quality spreading pliers and a complete kit of worm tube sizes to hold nearly all soft plastics on the market today. This kit offers 4" sections to allow the fisherman to cut to the desired width. Tube size use is as described:


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